Ways to Take Good Care of Your Feet For the Spring Collection

If you notice women love to take care of their face and necks but the feet are a neglected part of their bodies. Our feet are the ones that help us bear the whole weight of our body and serve us well. The least that they need to get in return is to be able to look great and to be well taken care of. In case you can’t follow a routine of looking after your feet everyday how about a weekend spa treatment for your feet. All that you need to do is to soak you feet in a tub of warm water and keep it there for ten minutes.

You might also want to add some aromatic oil, mineral salts or some soap solution to wash away the dirt. Then, rub the rough edges with a pumice stone or a foot scrubber as this will leave your feet soft and nice looking. Then, take a blob of moisturizing lotion and apply this generously to your feet. Ensure that your feet are absolutely dry before you do this. Once you have applied the moisturizing lotion massage it gently in so that the moisturizer seems in well. Ensure that you give your feet good enough exercise in order to keep the circulation moving.

This will make your feet soft and supple and enable them to bear your weight with ease. If you find cracks on your feet then you must take immediate care of it. There can be nothing more despairing then the most wonderful of shoes say for instance fake jordan shoes and feet that are not well looked after. Taking a few minutes from your busy life and dedicating it to your feet will ensure that you are able to have feet that look wonderful in whichever shoes you put them in.

Even the Christian Louboutin fake shoes will work perfectly for you in this regard. You can even make a homemade scrub to exfoliate the skin on the feet. The best way to go about this is to use natural ingredients like lemon juice, sugar and chickpea flour for this and watch the way your feet benefit from this kind of care. When you have the time you can place your feet at an elevated position so that you will not develop varicose veins and the blood circulation will continue to be good in your feet. Choose the right size and kind of shoes for your feet so that you aren’t troubled with any concerns. With the right kind of care and attention given to your feet you are bound to be able to get them looking real swell this spring.






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