Haroon Mallana assistant director of it in iub university and manager of two projects nftp erozgar

Haroon Mallana is a name synonymous with excellence in the field of Information Technology. With vast experience in the IT industry, he has shown remarkable skills in managing and leading new organizations. With his exceptional skills and expertise, he has successfully planned and implemented different IT-related projects and programs.

Haroon’s experience in administration and senior level management has been instrumental in leading and managing IT-related projects. He has shown great skills in strategic planning, leadership, and management in the IT field. He has been a valuable asset to the Punjab Information Technology Board’s program e-Rozgaar, where he controlled management and supervised operations and maintenance.

Mallana has also been involved in building government relations, media projection, planning, and implementation at different levels. He has played a pivotal role in promoting and implementing public-private partnership programs in Southern Punjab, including e-Rozgaar, Plan9, e-Earn, and NFTP. His dedication to developing the less developed areas of Southern Punjab has made him a social activist.

In 2021, Haroon Mallana joined The Islamia University of Bahawalpur as an Assistant Director IT, where he continues to contribute to the development of the IT field. His extensive experience and knowledge make him a valuable member of the team. With his impressive track record, he is expected to make significant contributions to the university’s IT department.

Haroon Mallana’s expertise in IT and his passion for social activism have made him an exceptional leader. He has worked tirelessly to bridge the gap between the developed and less developed areas of the country. His experience in leading IT-related projects has helped many organizations achieve their goals.

Haroon Mallana is a Tech-Gem, Startup Planner, and Social Activist who has made significant contributions to the IT industry. His vast experience, exceptional skills, and dedication to social activism have made him a valuable asset to any organization he has worked for. His work in promoting and implementing public-private partnership programs in Southern Punjab has helped bridge the gap between the developed and less developed areas of the country. His recent appointment at The Islamia University of Bahawalpur is a testament to his expertise and leadership skills in the field of IT.

Apart from his other roles and contributions, Haroon Mallana has also played a significant role as a core team member of the Digital South Punjab event. This event was aimed at promoting the use of digital technology in the less developed areas of Southern Punjab. Mallana’s extensive experience in the IT field made him a valuable member of the core team that organized and managed the event.

As a core team member, Mallana was responsible for planning and implementing different aspects of the event. He played a pivotal role in selecting and inviting speakers, arranging logistics, and managing the event’s overall operations. His experience in event management and coordination was vital to the success of the Digital South Punjab event.
The event was a huge success, with many IT experts and enthusiasts participating and sharing their knowledge and expertise. The event helped raise awareness about the importance of digital technology and its potential in the less developed areas of Southern Punjab. The event also provided a platform for networking and collaboration among IT professionals and organizations.


Google Shopping: The Worst.Ever.


Introduction: What’s worse, not being able to find what you’re looking for or spending hours browsing through the wrong results? Google Shopping is definitely the worst. Ever. And that’s just based on my perspective. The thing is, it can be really hard to tell which products are worth your time and effort. Plus, there are all sorts of weird ads and suggestions popping up all the time. So if you don’t mind a little bit of inconvenience, try Google Shopping instead of giving up on finding what you need.

Google Shopping is a Scary Site.

Google Shopping is an online platform that allows users to search for and purchase products from a variety of online retailers. The site has been criticized for its negative effects on the economy, privacy, and consumer rights.

What Are the Negative Effects of Google Shopping

The negative consequences of Google Shopping include:

– Low demand for products due to the expansive and detailed product search results;

– Unsolicited offers from merchants;

– Poor customer service;

– More time spent shopping on Google than any other website.

How to Use Google Shopping to Make a difference in Your life.

2.1. Use Google Shopping to Find the Right Price for What You’re Looking for.

By using Google Shopping, you can find the best prices on a wide range of items. By sorting products by price, you can easily identify what is and isn’t worth your time and money.

2.2. Use Google Shopping to Compare Prices with Other Sites.

You can compare prices for different stores on Google Shopping by clicking on the “Compare Prices” tab in the left-hand side of the screen. This will show you a list of retailers that have similar prices for the same product or service. You can then click on any of these retailers to view their individual websites or pages where you can buy their product or service at a lower price than what you found on Google Shopping.

How to Use Google Shopping to Save Time and Money.

One of the best ways to save time and money when shopping online is to use Google Shopping. By using this feature, you can quickly and easily find the right product for your needs. To start off, start by clicking on the “search” button at the top of the screen, and then enter your desired information. After you’ve completed your search, you’ll be directed to a list of products thatmatch your criteria. To save even more time, you can also use Google Shopping to compare prices between different retailers or websites.

Save Money by Using Google Shopping to Get the Best Deals

Another great way to save money when shopping online is by using Google Shopping’s deals feature. This function will allow you to find discounts on products that match your interests and budget. By clicking on the “deals” button, you’ll be taken to a page where you can see all of the available deals for the product that you are interested in. You can then choose which deals are best for you and make your purchase accordingly.

Get the Most out of Your Shopping Experience by Using Google Shopping

Google Shopping offers an incredible shopping experience that allows users to get the most out of their purchasing process by using its deals feature and finding discounts on products matching their needs and interests. By using this feature, you’ll be able to save money and have a great shopping experience.

How to Get the Most from Google Shopping.

The Google Shopping site is a great place to start when looking for products. You can use the main shopping menu to search for specific types of products, or you can type in a product name and find results quickly. The Google Shopping site can also be used as a resource for finding deals on different types of products. For example, you can explore the many offers that are available for different brands of toothpaste.

Use the Google Shopping Site as a Resource

If you want to find information about a product that’s not included on the Google Shopping site, you can try using Google Search or other online search engines. This will give you more information about the product and help you save time compared to trying to find it specifically on the Google Shopping site.

Use the Google Shopping Feature to Get Deals

Google has an extensive range of Deals features that allow users to get deals on various items without having to leave the comfort of their home. For example, if you have an item that’s not currently being sold at a certain store, you can use Deals to get it discounted online or in-store. Additionally, Deals allows users to create custom deals that are tailored just for them – perfect for those who love getting their hands on new products before they hit stores!

How to Use Google Shopping for the Betterment of Your Life.

To use Google Shopping for the best experience, be sure to use the Google Shopping Site as your main source of information. By using this site, you’ll be able to find the right product and save time. Additionally, the Google Shopping Menu can help you find products that are a good fit for your needs.

Save time by using the Google Shopping Menu to find the right product

By using the Google Shopping Menu, you can quickly and easily find products that meet your search criteria. The shopping experience can be improved by using this tool as your go-to source for finding what you need.

Get the most out of your shopping experience by using the Google Shopping Site as a resource

Google Shopping is an amazing resource when it comes to finding what you need online. By using this website as a primary source, you’ll be able to save time and get more from your shopping experience.


Google Shopping can be a scary site, but it’s important to be aware of the negative effects it has on your life and shopping experience. By using the Google Shopping Site as a resource and using the Google Shopping Menu to find the right product, you can get the most out of your shopping experience. Thank you for reading!


Limitations of Copper and Copper Alloys As Electrode Material in EDM

Wire and sinker type electrical discharge machining (EDM) extensively employs copper and its alloys as the electrode material. However, due to the process necessities, the requirements vary with sinker and wire EDM. Since the electrodes play an important role in the conformity of the final output to the design, it is essential to understand the requirements and characteristics of the electrode material to assess the limitations of copper and its alloys.

Requirements of an electrode material:

Apart from common requirements such as cost and electrical conductivity, the following requirements are expected, depending on the type of EDM.

Sinker EDM:

The electrode material requires being a good conductor of heat along with being easily machinable. Given the temperatures at which the machining takes place, it is expected of the electrode material to endure high temperature without undergoing deformation. Although from the outset the EDM looks like a process without any physical stress, at a microscopic level, the electrodes are under a high amount of stress due to continuous sparks during the machining process. The ability to withstand this stress without wear is essential as an electrode.

Wire EDM:

The Electrode in wire EDM is required to be ductile, which eliminates an excellent sinker EDM electrode material, graphite. The wire EDM is prone to frequent flushing of the machined parts and therefore the electrode material is required to offer reasonable resistance to sparks.

Limitations of copper and its alloys as electrode material:

Sinker EDM:

The most important limitation of copper as an electrode is its vulnerability towards the sparks generated during machining process. In comparison with graphite electrodes, copper electrodes last only half as much. Pure copper is highly malleable. This makes it difficult to be machined and it tends to clog the grinding wheel during manufacturing. The burrs on the outer surface of the copper electrodes also pose a challenge. Sometimes the deburring of an electrode takes longer than the manufacturing of electrode itself. To eliminate the machinability issues concerning copper, it is mixed with tellurium. The tellurium copper thus obtained is relatively more machinable than pure copper, although it has lower performance characteristics, as evidenced by increased wear and decreased metal removal rate. In addition, the scarcity of tellurium copper also affects the viability of its widespread use as an electrode material. On the other hand, brass, an easily available alloy of copper, suffers from high rate of wear, sometimes as high as 6 times the base metal. However, during finishing, the corner wear of brass lowers to 0.7 times the base metal volume. As a result of the high wear characteristic of brass electrodes, they are typically only used for drilling holes and cavity sinking. Similarly, copper is also limited to drilling holes and creating slots and not used in applications needing high accuracy and detail. Copper and copper alloys also face a disadvantage before they are put in use. As they come in rolled forms, they are susceptible to stress while being wire cut as an electrode.

Wire EDM:

As mentioned, graphite, a widely used electrode material in sinker EDM, is rendered useless in wire EDM due to their lack of malleability. Hence, copper and its alloys are preferred electrode material despite their shortcomings. Copper Based Master Alloy is marred by its inability to sustain stress during operations, which more often than not results in wire cuts. During operation this presents a challenge as the wire has to re-attached to the spool again and is bound to change the orientation of the of the base metal. Along with that, they are difficult to flush during off operation. Despite all these inadequacies, brass is widely used as wire EDM electrode and copper is preferred for finishing operations.


What CNC Engraving Machines Are

CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) engraving machines are high speed and precision-designed for machining and industrial engraving of metals, plastics, aluminum, graphite, ceramics and almost any non-ferrous material. They can be as simple as a home-made drilling machine for drilling a series of holes or a large complex unit with various tools and tables.

CNC machines are designed to be operated either totally unsupervised or with a few personnel overseeing a production unit consisting of a group of machines. Once programmed, the machine can be left almost completely unmanned. Many of these machines are designed to self-change tools by a predetermined sequence and reposition the component to a new side to finish the task. Manpower issues are addressed since these machines can run by themselves throughout the day.

Since they are computer programmed and operated, CNC machines are far more precise and consistent than any human guided system. CNC machining is practically error-free since the device runs according to programming specifications. Complicated machining projects can be accomplished regardless of how often the task is repeated. The product will be finished to exact specifications each time.

It is relatively easy to learn and set up programming for CNC machines. All that is needed is to enter the instructions into the computer program. Setting details from a previous job can be quickly and easily recalled so time-consuming manual changeovers are not an issue.

A typical aluminum parts machining has two tables and an automatic pallet changer. This cuts down on valuable time because one component can be machined on one table while the materials for a new component can be loaded on another. The types of CNC machines available are as varied as the tasks they can accomplish, such as turning, drilling, grinding. Machining centers can perform milling, boring, tapping, as well as complex contouring operations.

This kind of machining is not totally confined to any type of industry. These devices can also be used for working on materials like wood, plastic along with metal fabricating projects. Also available are units for domestic use. A typical CNC system for home usually include a CNC mill or lathe, a 4-axis rotary table, along with a computer and CNC programming software, and the required set of machining tools and accessories. This is ideal for those needing to produce a series of small identical components. CNC machines may be equipped with two, three, five axes on up.