10 Reasons Why You Should Visit Munich

There’s something about seeing this magical city for the first time that gets your heart going. Munich is a majestic city, from its collection of world-class museums to the beer-drinking culture that’s as fun as its reputation suggests, perhaps even more fun. With its cosmopolitan city life, alpine tradition, laid-back café culture and world-famous breweries, Munich encompasses the best of Bavaria. This changed, along with the course of Munich’s history, in 1255 when the Wittelsbach family decided to move their hometown to Munich.

However, there are many more, so I suggest you read my article on the best day trips from Munich. English Garden is one of the largest city parks in the world and is full of lush greenery and is a perfect place to explore at your leisure. Take boat trips, stroll the wooden paths or take a leisurely tour of traditional beer gardens. Rent a rowing boat, walk on the forest paths, visit one of the traditional beer gardens. Visit Munich’s famous surf spot on Munich’s Eisbach River. Although the city is famous for Oktoberfest, there are many more things to do in Munich throughout the year.

Those, along with full bus routes and tram lines, can take you pretty much anywhere in the city. Prague is a European city rich in heritage, historical and hedonistic. You’ll spend your time looking at haunted castles and getting lost in medieval neighborhoods. Of course, there is also plenty of room for Czech beer evenings and samples of Slavic meatballs and goulash.

BambergMunich’s beautiful half-timbered town hall is one of the most prosperous regions in the world. It is also the place with the highest rents and the most jobs. Because it is also one of the most liveable cities in the world. An important reason for this are the many day trips that you can make from Munich.

There are plenty of options for day trips to the castles from Munich, but read the itineraries to see how much time is available in the castles. Most don’t give you enough time to do both the castles and the bridge if that’s what you want. The building was badly damaged during the war and later rebuilt.

A really fun thing to do in Munich is to watch the pros shake the wave from street level on Prinzregentenstraße. This wave is on its way home, so I can confirm that they are really there at all hours of the night, rain or shine! For a lesser-known surfing experience in Munich, venture further down the Eisbach to catch a glimpse of the wave of beginners.

In many pharmacies you can also stock up on all kinds of high-end European skin care products. Locals love their BMWs and Mercedes cars, but you can get by in Munich without a car (and honestly, given the cost of gas and frequent rush hour traffic, this is a good idea). Public transport is extensive hotel oktoberfest and excellent, most of Munich’s city centre is passable and cycle paths are everywhere and widely used. Formally known as weisswurst, these are traditional Bavarian sausages of white color and made from minced meat and pork bacon, flavored with parsley, lemon, onion, ginger and cardamom.

One of Munich’s best beer gardens is a bit far from the city center, but it has a beautiful deer reserve, so it’s worth it! Drink and then admire the cute forest creatures in Hirschgarten. Although I’m Italian and live in Milan, I’m not a victim of fashion and I don’t like shopping. Whether it’s the Boquerìa in Barcelona, the Borough Market in London or the farmers’ markets in Myanmar, I never miss one to visit at least one wherever I travel. It is an iconic place and one of the most famous breweries in Munich.

From the history of World War II to the proud beer culture and day trips to castles, Munich will not disappoint. This week-long Munich itinerary gives you an idea of what the Bavarian capital has to offer and a variety of day trips to explore the area. Munich has several notable “peak seasons”, the most famous being Oktoberfest, which lasts from late September to early October, making accommodation challenging and expensive at this time of year. Summer is also considered a high season with higher accommodation prices, as well as directly at Christmas, as many tourists like to visit Munich’s charming Christmas markets.

A self-guided audio tour is available to explore the stadium’s history. Marien Square has many architectural landmarks, a swarm market culture, churches, restaurants and world-famous pubs, and plenty for shopping. The place is one of the most visited tourist places in Munich and a delight for photographers.