The Truth About The Bernina Express: How To Enjoy Switzerland’s Famous Red Train

You can usually book with free cancellation, so you can confirm your accommodation risk-free before the train booking opens. It also means you can keep accommodation while you complete your itinerary and change your plans as they evolve, a feature I use all the time when arranging a trip. I’ve also come to rely on their review scores: you won’t be disappointed by anything above 8.0. The journey from Zurich to Chur by Swiss train is a beautiful journey in itself, along the lakes Z├╝richsee and Walensee and into the mountains. In Chur, you’ll usually find the Bernina Express waiting for you on the other side of the platform, an easy cross-platform exchange.

There is also St Moritz-Tirano Bernina Express and of course the normal local trains run by the hour with Chur-St Moritz and St Moritz-Tirano. You can check the timetables of all these trains on the rhaetian railway website or on the Swiss Railways website. If you prefer all the details, such as traveling to and from the Bernina Express, then you’ll probably want to book this tour from Milan in Italy. The day trip includes a trip to Tirano, an experienced guide, and a pre-booked ticket for the red Bernina Express train.

Riding this train is a spectacular way to experience the Swiss Alps. On this trip, you can expect the beauty that Switzerland has to offer through a train window. The Bernina Express is a daytime activity, a whole day full of beautiful views. Switzerland has many options for rail passes, such as your half-day pass or the Swiss rail pass with free train travel for a certain number of days.

Perhaps one of the most beautiful railways in the world, the Bernina Express is and should be at the top of every Interrailer’s bucket list. This narrow-gauge service is operated by the Rhaetian Railway and runs through eastern Switzerland, from Chur and St. Moritz to Tirano in Italy and vice versa. You can travel on this route all year round and you’ll get a different experience each time, as the scenery changes each time Trenino Rosso along the way depending on the season and lighting conditions. This entire European train journey is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its breathtaking beauty, ingenuity and history. On our most recent trip to Milan, we decided to spend our wedding anniversary in the Swiss Alps on this beautiful train, and we had an absolutely fantastic time. I mean, we love Milan and we chose to go out for a day to catch this train.

Mara was our guide and gave us a lot of information during the tour, as well as the best locations to take pictures. We had 2+ hours in St Moritz and the Bernina train was great. He had spent a lot of time finding the panoramic train online, without success. The windows open on the standard red train and not on the scenic train.