The 12 Do’s And Don’ts Of Web Design

Blind people use assistive technologies, such as screen readers, to interpret websites. Screen readers “read” images using the alternative text attributed to the image. If that text is not present or is not descriptive enough, they cannot obtain the information as planned. People scan a web page faster than reading everything there.

While designing a design and placing different elements, you create a visual hierarchy within the piece. This is an important facet of any design; It is communication with users. Make sure there is a hierarchy to guide the user and highlight interactive and navigable elements. Without clues and attention sensors, users feel abandoned, lost or overwhelmed.

If you hope to attract visitors through search engine optimization, you should consider the keywords people will use in their searches. Weave them on the copy as often as necessary web design Durban to boost your site in search engine lists. Easy web pages play an important role in maintaining the interest of visitors, keeping them on your site and reading their content.

Your header should contain your brand in the form of a logo and organization name, menu navigation and maybe a CTA, and / or a search bar if it is well spread and minimal. On the other hand, the footer is where many users will instinctively scroll to obtain essential information. Whitespace provides users with visual interruptions as they process the design or content of a website, which is not just aesthetic. By minimizing distractions, whitespace makes it easy for users to focus, process information and understand what’s important. So you’re ready to take the plunge and design a site for yourself, your business or something else great that you love, but you have no idea how to design a website?

Color plays a powerful role in communication and several of the councils that came emphasized its importance. It is vital for designers to at least understand something about color theory and how color should be applied to a website. Many believe that too many colors will be unnecessarily complicated and therefore compromise the effectiveness of a design.

When designing your navigation you need to make sure it is simple and easy to use. You want to create broad titles that can contain specific subtitles. This helps you to keep your website organized and find your visitor information. In general, you want to choose colors and designs that make your target audience think about your brand. This helps you build your brand recognition and create a sense of collaboration with your company. If you think “people don’t want all those details”, you’re only half right.

Presenting all these details on a high scroll page can actually do much more than you assumed. Studies have been conducted showing that conversion rates increase by as much as 30% if there is more data to scroll. A successful website requires not only an attractive design, but also excellent content.

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Use relevant images throughout your content and DO NOT forget the alt tags on all your photos! This ensures that your photos are optimized through search engines, so it requires optimization of search engines. Your web designers should choose photos that match your brand and immediately attract the visitor’s attention. We often use file images when a brand does not have enough images. However, we recommend that you avoid archive photos and take professional photos that look like your brand instead. We strongly recommend that you use images directly from the customer when they have an online store or online store for an e-commerce website.

Messy designs feel uncomfortable, so add empty space to relieve that tension. Potential customers come to your website to get useful information. Sometimes they come to their blog for educational content and sometimes they focus on researching the products and services they sell.