6 Tips That Nonprofits Can Use To Get A Great Charity Auction

If you set your starting bid to 30%, you can reach 70% with just four additional bids. Anything above these four commandments will give you an above-average return on the item. This is because starting bids for your items has a huge impact on how bidders approach the auction. Strong engagement silent auction ideas is especially critical for virtual fundraisers, as participants experience more distractions at home or interact with them over a longer period of time. Your bid amounts will play an important role in getting the ball rolling or inadvertently stopping bidders from jumping in.

Each paid invoice contains the items won, the amount paid, the selected shipping option and the delivery address . Auction administrators can view the highest bidder for all items during and after the online auction on the Sales Summary page. This page displays all auction items, including the maximum bid amount and the highest bidder information for each item (will be empty if there is no maximum bid). To view the sales summary page, log in to your auction and click the View Sales Summary link on the Admin Controls menu. This page can be sorted by element name or render name by simply clicking on the corresponding column header. After registering with a mobile number, you will receive a “Welcome” SMS with your bidder number shortly before the silent auction begins.

Notification email notifies the top bidders that bids will continue at the live event and contains information about the live event, which is provided on the Live Event settings page. Winner notifications will also be sent to top bidders for online-only items. Shipping options are an optional setting that auction administrators can give away. If auction items do not show shipping options, you should check the receiving/shipping instructions for how to receive the items.

You can also contact the auction administrator to find out if shipping is available. Shipping options are created on the Shipping Settings page and apply to each item in the auction. Shipping options can be any, but are often entered as countries or states/provinces/regions. The shipping options cannot be changed for a specific item, as they apply to all items within the auction. This allows multiple successful bidders to select a single shipping option for a full invoice.

This feature allows you to view the status of popular auction items, stream fundraising progress on social media, and more. These features will keep guests engaged and encourage them to continue supporting your cause throughout the event. If the highest bidder cannot provide his delivery address because there are no shipping options available, you must contact the bidder to request his delivery address.