Meid Definition

Since the unique numbers of ESN 2006 were used up, Verizon implemented a new serial number format called MEID. Like its predecessor, the ESN, a MEID number is used to identify a mobile phone that uses CDMA technology to access a mobile network. Your phone’s MEID number is exclusive and can be used to blacklist your phone after you report that it has been lost or stolen. MEID stands for Mobile Equipment Identifier and is a 14-digit number that detects a phone that works with CDMA technology for wireless services. CDMA is a type of technology that is compatible with providers of mobile phone services. Blocked mobile phones, on the other hand, are usually only sold by the mobile operator for use in their network.

It seems too much to have your Google account kidnapped while realizing that someone else is using your old MEID to be a coincidence. Why they would try to use their MEID / IMEI also makes no big sense (unless they tried to use their service provider (which you said they didn’t because they used Wi-Fi for a data connection) . Since the phone is still technically working, the thief could use it as a mobile media device such as MP3 players or connect to Wi-Fi for a data connection. However, the phone would be worthless for wireless service.

Your mobile phone should work on the T-Mobiles network, but it doesn’t work with Verizon. If the customer tries to contact the person who sold the phone, he will not receive an answer or the seller will be gone. When you buy a phone in a retail store, you pay for that phone to be insured through that retail location instead of buying protection through your mobile operator or insurer like Asurion, and that phone works poorly. AT&T and T-Mobile are mobile operators who use GSM technology to provide their customers with a wireless service. You can also find the device ID for your mobile phones via the telephone settings.

The IMEI / MEID number will probably be displayed on your phone. Although there are two main differences between MEID and IMEI, their use is similar: each uniquely meid vs imei identifies devices. This identity is the key to using your phone and you cannot activate a device if your mobile operator has blocked your MEID or IMEI

Despite every attempt, my Google account was a two-stage authentication, etc. to use, destroyed on the ground. I finally had to close the account completely. Thank you for taking the time to comment, and yes, phone companies can and can use IMEI from a mobile phone to register over their network and communicate with that phone. If you think your phone has a virus or software problem, you can again perform a hard reset or factory data reset that basically deletes everything from the phone and makes it new again. If you want to know how to back up and reset your phone, you can read in my manual how to back up and reset an Android smartphone.

When he was still in the warranty business and helping people repair their cell phones for a living, he looked for information for more than 25 IMEI numbers a day. Within about 3 years, there were some cases where I ran a person’s IMEI number and removed the system information for multiple phone numbers (which is not uncommon), but also for two separate phones . This should not happen because every mobile phone should have a unique device identifier. I think one of the two was usually older and more inactive units, BUT I’ve seen two different Android smartphones that had the same IMEI / MEID before. It’s a shame because thieves sometimes sell worthless phones to unsuspecting buyers.