Everything You Need To Know About The Lipblush

One of the last procedures artists and professionals use to improve and correct facial features is called lipstick, also known as lip blush tattoo. It is a natural looking cosmetic tattoo procedure that is offered in both tattoo studios and high-end spas. When you arrive for your lipstick service, the technician will ask you for your vision and the desired color. The technician first adds protection to your teeth and gums to prevent numbness and pigment from entering your mouth.

The result is subtly intended: think of the rule with tab extensions or microfeathering. Personally, I still love the results with just a small flippers balm on top. And on the days when I want to play with color, there are always enough lip color options to choose from, no needles are needed. The healing process for lipblush tattoos takes five to ten days, Drummond says. Within 24 hours of your lip blush tattoo, you can reduce swelling and tenderness by applying ice packs wrapped in clean paper towels.

She took photos of her healing process; it was nothing like mine. She assured me that everything was normal, but that she would return for a refresh within six weeks. At the end of my date, I was so swollen on the right side of my upper lip that it seemed like I had a serious allergic reaction. The feeling of warmth and itching was different from any tattoo, lip injection or bee sting you’ve ever had.

The lip blush is done with a tattoo machine and the effect lasts 3 to 5 years. Customers can expect to look like they are wearing lipstick in combination with a soft lip pussy when they leave their appointment! Around days two and three the lips come off gently and the next day they appear almost completely healed. This gentle technique that I use ensures that the lips heal quickly and with minimal discomfort. Some technicians may use different pigment colors to achieve a preformed appearance on the lips, but I choose the technique.

Avoiding alcohol, caffeine and exercise on the day of the procedure is also key to preparation. If you are looking for a permanent retro red hue or permanent lip liner super sharp lines, this is not the treatment for you. While Drummond may change the tone or shape a bit, it won’t be in more than a few shades.

The technique uses a small needle and works gently on the lips to implant the color very carefully without creating a too heavy edge / lip lining appearance. Colors are chosen for the desired results and skin tones of the customer, but my overall goal is to bring lips to life and a natural shade without being too dramatic. I like to use pigments with a light coverage and similarity. As we said, lip blush is a form of permanent makeup that will fade.

I think the key to subtlety is to apply the color closer to certain parts of the lips to create a natural preformed appearance mixed with the whole lip. An adapted mixed lip color is gently implanted using permanent makeup lip techniques. New and sterilized equipment is used for each customer, which is then properly disposed of. The color is adjusted for each client, so you can be sure to achieve the desired effect. A topical narcotic cream is applied, so you will only feel a slightly stinging sensation when the pigment is applied. As the treatment continues, extra current numbness is applied at all times.

Lip designs are made with a wide range of pigments and cosmetic colors, to be combined with any shade of lip color. At Adorn Cosmetic we specialize in Lip Lining and Lip Blushing for our Bay Area customers. We asked New York-based cosmetic tattoo artist Savannah Kondratyev to give us an idea of what it really is like to make your lips blush and what you need to know if you are interested in a lip blush tattoo.

By pixelating the pigment with a naming technique, light coverage and a lack of gloss, a soft blush appearance is created. It is common for people to experience swelling after the procedure. The amount of swelling depends on the sensitivity of your lips, but disappears completely in the first week. Immediately after the treatment, your lips will look very full and lively for the next two to three days. The feel may be similar to that of a light burn and minimal crust and / or peeling may occur. Remember to remove crusts / scales as you risk removing pigment during the process – it is very important to keep your lips very hydrated.