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Stewardess uniform temptation

There are thousands of people who have 空姐制服誘惑 never boarded a plane. Finally, there was an opportunity to travel, and these first travelers enthusiastically packed their bags and boarded their first flight. But are you to blame for these mistakes during the first flight? As a flight attendant, I see that these rules of air travel are violated by beginners and even frequent travelers.

First, I understand that most people have a misconception about the role of flight attendants. I once performed in front of a 10-year-old band on Career Day. I asked the group the following question. “What’s the reason for the flight attendants on the plane?” the young man immediately raised his hand and said, “The maid?” It is time to put an end to this perception in the bud. The main duty of the flight attendant is to save your life in the unlikely event of an emergency.

The probability of an incident is during take-off and landing. This is one of those rare professions for which you constantly train and pray that you never have to use your workouts. Everything we do on board is made to make your flight as pleasant and enjoyable as possible.

If you want to reveal your status as a new or VIP passenger, here are 20 rules of air travel to keep in mind when you travel.

Block the passage when landing. This is the right tactic to bring joy to your fellow travelers who are patiently waiting behind you. They like to watch your award-winning technique when you fold your clothes and carefully put them in the top compartment. Blocking the aisle also gives viewers the opportunity to admire your Maximus ass.
Take a full top tray. Imagine how much fun your airline mates will be when they see that you have taken all the luggage space over your head. After all, you are a VIP (a very reckless passenger). They don’t mind checking their little roller board because of your elite status. Another unscrupulous tactic is to use the first class luggage compartment on the bus. Remember that you are a VIP. Feel free to put things in the first class cabin, even if you are at 31A.

Be demanding when you get on board. Flight attendants like this behavior. You will get special attention, as the information quickly spreads through the internal communication system. We would like to provide services only for you when boarding. After all, your job is to make sure you get everything for free because your cheap plane ticket entitles you to it.
Blame flight attendants for delays. Oh! The pleasure of traveling. You only went on a journey after a flight delay. It’s pure fun for everyone, especially for flight attendants. Imagine the excitement they feel because they can continue to work without paying. Did you know that the flight crew is paid only when the door is closed and the brake is released? In any case, working “overtime” without payment is a privilege, and responsibility for weather, air traffic, etc. is another important point of their working day.
Make physical contact with the flight attendants. After all, touch is everything, right? There are a few places where this behavior is acceptable. But anything is possible on board. We flight attendants like it when you push us, take off our uniforms or squeeze to get our attention. This is a business card that attracts our attention to the novice traveler. Here’s a new concept, how about using our name? That’s what these little metal rods that we carry are for.
Please indicate that your luggage will fit on the last plane. Now is a good time to wonder if you can’t put your stuff in the top compartment. You have to make comments like “go on the last flight.” That’s why it might not be. Your airline can fly on different types of aircraft. That’s why your oversized rollerboard, which is suitable for the Boeing 747 during the last flight, this time is not suitable for the Dash-8. If this happens, start whistling and call a noise if you need to check your bag.
Hanging out in the kitchen. Oh, it’s a flight attendant’s favorite. If you’re brave enough to spend time in their confined workspace, go for it. Don’t worry, there’s almost no room for flight attendants. After all, the more, the better. And while you’re doing it again, why not do a stretch while they’re sitting in a booster chair?

Sneak up on first class during landing. It takes courage, but I’m sure you can handle it. However, don’t be surprised if you get caught walking with your tail pressed in economic or business class. Flight attendants will receive a passenger list with a seat map at the end of the boarding process. They know who owns where. See if you have what it takes to get a free premium upgrade.
Be annoyed if your TV monitor isn’t working. There are limited features that flight attendants can perform if most TVs do not work on the air. These actions are limited to resetting the system, i.e. using the control-alt-delete trick you use on your computer, or disabling it. If that doesn’t work, get angry that you can’t watch TV and ask if you can pick up your plane ticket. It is quite difficult to go through the PPC toolkit. But if we could, we’d love to.
Call the continuous call button. Who can resist the temptation of this little button? Think about the power of this little button. When you click, they come. Imagine that someone seems to have received what your heart wants. Calling a button is acceptable if you use it for a good reason. But those of you who sit in the aisle and press the call button when the seatbelt sign is off will receive today’s Mile High award.
If we miss you, consider it personal. Do not use this as an excuse to round up fellow travelers and attack the flight attendant if he or she jumps on you. In this case, you can call your call button. Flight attendants are the same people as everyone else and sometimes they miss you, so don’t think they’re there to look for you. However, if you are appointed VIP, it may be a payback period for past promotions.
Direct flight attendants to flight attendants. It’s a great way to set a date for yourself and let everyone around you know that your last flight was in 1972. This is an outdated and politically incorrect phrase. Male flight attendants don’t like the term because it’s used to refer to a woman.

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